develops systems and modules for monitoring cardiodynamic, hemodynamic & respiratory parameters. We have obtained the ISO 13485:2003 and CE certifications. We offer the Slide Rule which is a simple tool for rapid hemodynamic management of adult patients. It identifies the causes (hyper- or hypo-volemia, hyper- or hypo-inotropy, vasoconstriction or vasodilation, hyper- or hypo-chronotropy) of abnormal hemodynamic state (hyper- or hypo-tension and/or hyper- or hypo-dynamic state).

Our TEBCO® (thoracic electrical bioimpedance cardiac output) measures continuously and noninvasively 10 cardiodynamic parameters which include cardiac index [CI], heart rate [HR], stroke index [SI], ejection phase contractility index [EPCI], inotropic state index [ISI], ejection fraction estimate [EF], ventricular ejection time [VET], pre-ejection period [PEP], thoracic fluids conductivity [TFC] and respiratory rate [RR]. It employs all-digital data processing for both ECG and TEB signals. The patient interface has 8 solid-gel disposable electrodes placed on the neck and thorax. The EXT-TEBCO® Module (with TEBCO® communication protocol) is consumer module, enabling the user to utilize the existing PC or notebook for continuous noninvasive monitoring of cardiodynamic & respiratory parameters and four analog signals.

Our Hotman® Systems assess and monitor a patient's complete hemodynamics & oxygen transport dynamics. They also enable both the hemodynamic management (therapeutic correction of the system-identified hemodynamic causes of abnormal hemodynamics) and hemodynamic therapy modeling (prediction of hemodynamic changes to take place as a result of an on-screen application of cardioactive and vasoactive drugs).

was found by Dr. Bo Sramek and Hevka Sramek together and was stopped in operation. The technology and intellectual property rights have been transferred to which was formed by Dr. Bo Sramek and an Asian investor Mr. Toney KM Lam together in 2018. For more information, please visits:

New Hotman® Systems was re-designed and was an all-in-one device with cloud-based data computing system. Any interested parties for business partnership, please emails to